Cranwell Wedding Photos

Tracee & Todd couldn’t have had a more beautiful wedding day at Cranwell in the Berkshires!

From Tracee:

We intended our day to be about our friends and family sharing in the relationship we had already built over so many years but it turned out to be much more of a celebration for us beginning a new chapter of our relationship. I had looked forward to Todd’s friends and family seeing my beautiful home, the Berkshires, and the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect showcasing all of the natural beauty of the area.
As the bride, I was incredibly nervous about being the center of attention and having everyone’s eyes on me but the moment I stood in front of our beautiful arbor and took Todd’s hands I felt at home. The ceremony was the most personal and intimate moment of our lives together despite being in front of 140 people it felt like it was just Todd and I.

Also memorable was standing at the top of Cranwell’s back stairs and seeing all of the people that we love most in the world together in one place, taking in the Berkshire air and celebrating and supporting the two of us. I was filled with the most overwhelming sense of gratitude and love.
Todd and I were determined to dance at our wedding and as we walked up the stairs to the bridal suite that night at the same time we turned to each other and said, man my legs are tired! Needless to say we kept the wedding reception traditions to a minimum giving us and all of our guests more time to dance and celebrate.

Vendor Information: Make-up: Cranwell Resort Spa –
Florist: Mary Harrington –
DJ: Chris Johnston –
Caterer: Cranwell Resort –
Desserts: AW Confections, Andrea Wadsworth –