A little bit about me

"To be someone's first love is great, but to be their last is beyond perfect!" ~ Anonymous

Thanks for checking out my galleries and considering me for your event.

Although I call the Berkshires home, I am available for weddings in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and the greater New England area, and I will gladly travel for destination weddings. 

My goal is to truly capture the feelings and emotions of your wedding day through candid and creative photography. I know that your wedding will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. It’s a time to celebrate love, joy, friendship, and family. I work hard to make sure your wedding photos express all of these moments.

I like to allow the day to unfold naturally so that I can capture spontaneous, candid moments. I aim to stay low-key and try to blend into the moments and the crowd, letting you and your family relax and be comfortable during your celebration. It is my goal to keep your photos in a true photojournalist style without losing the feeling and poignancy of the day, and I am committed to working with your wants and needs to help create your ideal wedding photographs. 

A few things about me

I am deeply in love with my beautiful wife

I have four amazing kids – Rowan, Nova, Zenith, & Quest

I have a freakin’ amazing job (see below)

I am a professional wedding photographer

I like to use two dollar bills and one dollar coins

I like to grow food and I want a bigger garden

I think I was a baker in a past life

I love to read and I do it often

I hate plastic bags I hate plastic bags I hate plastic bags

I always drive the speed limit, which annoys everyone

I love good bourbon. Yum!

I worked for a newspaper for years

I do not have cable TV, but I do have fast internet!

My friends threw me a surprise wedding at Burning Man  )'(

I will destroy you in a game of RISK and laugh while I do it

I’m a proud Whovian, and you should be one too!