Natalie & ChrisThe Interlaken Inn Wedding Photos

Chris & Natalie’s Interlaken Inn Wedding Photos

Natalie and Chris woke up on the morning of their wedding to perfect fall weather at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT ready to get the day’s festivities underway. Chris left early to organize the games that comprised the Feigenovsky Cup including flag football, ultimate frisbee, horse riding, volleyball, ladder golf, and cornhole while Natalie took some time to herself to get in the zone with pilates offered by the Inn.

Once the Feigenovsky Cup kicked off, Natalie and her mother wandered the grounds to watch the festivities as long as they could before retreating to the bridal suite to prepare for the ceremony overlooking the lake that evening. When Natalie and her mother arrived in the suite, they were greeted by a room freshly decorated by the bridesmaids in fall colors. The ladies ate lunch, shared prosecco, and sang Fleetwood Mac together as they took turns getting prettied up by the make-up and hair artists on site.

Meanwhile, Chris and his crew got dressed in his dad’s hotel room in a much calmer manner. Chris made manhattans for everyone as they avoided having to put on their ties, and the grooms’ party all swapped stories and laughs as they prepared for the big day.

All the while, guests made their way down to the lake with the sun in the sky and were greeted by cocktails and light snacks. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Natalie’s parents, the groomsmen, and Chris lined up ready for the processional, and when Natalie arrived with her three bridesmaids, Chris promised not to turn around and look.

The wedding started with Chris and his friend Doug, the officiate of the ceremony, entered to Madeleine Peyroux’s “There’s Always a Use” followed by the bridal party. As the music shifted to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, Natalie showed her mom the leaf pin attached to her bouquet—a reminder of those who would be there in spirit. Ever the gentleman, Chris raised his hands inviting everyone to stand for the entrance of the bride. Natalie then walked down the aisle to escorted by both of her parents, a smile on her face and tears forming in the corners of Chris’ eyes.

As the ceremony started, Doug explained that he got Chris the job in the dorm where he met Natalie—the only time anything good came out of a grown man living in a dorm. Doug introduced the ring warming ceremony, where the guests would express their hopes and blessings silently for the couple as the rings came through the crowd. Then, Chris’s aunt and uncle read a poem and Natalie’s former teacher and friend read an excerpt from “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.”

Then came the time for vows, and Natalie happily allowed Chris to go first. It was a blur at the time, but Natalie remembered how honest and sincere Chris was through the whole thing (and that he promised to watch some episodes of “The Bachelor”). Next, it was Natalie’s turn and she read her words carefully and mixed the sentimental in with their private jokes. All the while, if she got nervous, she could look at Chris or her mom, who was sitting just behind Chris, and find peace in the decision she was making to spend her life with him.

The ceremony was filled with laughter and pure joy. A few choked up moments, but on the whole, it was happiness that couldn’t be contained. The couple kissed and the deed was done — they were married.

Chris and Natalie prioritized taking pictures quickly and efficiently, so as to not miss any of their party. They enjoyed their secluded time away but were happy to arrive at the beginning of the cocktail hour where Chris and Natalie mingled with friends and family in the unseasonably warm weather.

The party then moved to the reception tent, which Chris and Natalie entered to Josh Ritter’s “Homecoming,” the song Chris used to propose to Natalie. Natalie raised her bouquet and Chris proudly carried the Feigenovsky Cup. Upon entering, Natalie invited everyone to sit and offered thanks for attending, and Chris had the distinct pleasure of announcing the winner of Malenbaum Bingo and the Feigenovsky Cup.

After Chris and Natalie’s speeches, their parents took it away. Chris’s dad and Natalie’s mom and dad all gave speeches; then Chris danced with his mom to Lady Antebellum’s “Never Alone.” Next, the best man and maid of honor gave their speeches, both touching on how Natalie and Chris had made the best of long distance relationships and single-handedly kept Skype in business. Natalie and her dad then danced to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl.” Chris and Natalie danced to their first dance, Josh Ritter’s “Strangers” for about 45 seconds before they invited friend and family to join in on the dance floor. And from there, the dance party was started.

“American Woman” kicked off the fast songs followed by other songs that spanned time, like “Oh What A Night,” Natalie’s first cassette tape, and “Brown-Eyed Girl.” The dance floor was packed through the night, even when Chris’ high school friends started a shoe pile that served as the group’s “fire pit.” The night closed out with Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight” and Natalie and Chris danced in the center where their friends and family formed a giant circle around them. For one final song (and an ode to the time they had spent in Tennessee, North Carolina, Philly, and Boston) everyone danced out to “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Then it was off to the after-party, which was followed later by the after-after party—oh, what a night!

Interlaken Inn Wedding Photos Interlaken Inn Wedding Photos Interlaken Inn Wedding Interlaken Inn Wedding

Venue: Interlaken

Hair & Make-Up: Allure Traveling Beauty: Melinda and Melissa —

Photographer: Eric Limon

Cake & Cookies: Pastry

Cake Topper: Wooden Wedding

DJ: Afterhours: Peter —

Photobooth: Afterhours: Vanessa —

Florist: Country Gardeners: Shannon —

Tailor: All Fit

Dress: Mikaella by Paloma Blanca —

Bridal Belt and Buttons: JL

Anniversary Wine Box: Artificer Wood

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