Tim & Laura

Eric Limon is the exact person you want at your wedding, taking your photos. You don’t realize Eric is there, in the moments, as they unfolded but he is; he is capturing everything a bride and groom miss during their wedding day. When you see your photos, you realize what a great job he does because, there it is, your wedding day; Amazing colors, every emotion, all the love and happy energy in every shot. He was there when I (bride) needed something or when someone had to be found; Eric became part of the wedding party, he became one of the guests, but managed to be the most amazing photographer, ever! Eric executed the job of photographer beyond expectation. We did not give him a list of photos for the day; I had faith in his talent and knew we would get what we expected. And we did. Every guest has stated how wonderful Eric was that day “I did not realize he was there and he was so nice”. Guests viewing our photos remark how talented he is, his ability to capture every moment, the vibrant colors of the flowers, the feeling of happiness and joy of all the guests. They are simply blown away. Our friends who could not attend became emotional when viewing the photos. That, in my opinion is the best compliment a photographer could ever receive. In that moment Eric did his job and did it spectacularly. Eric captured the personality of us as bride and groom, our friends and family; our wedding day. And THAT is why we chose Eric Limon to be our wedding photographer.

December 2, 2016