Custom Printed USB Flash DrivesNew Packaging!

As a wedding photographer, I give all of my clients the digital images from their wedding day. I used to deliver these in a beautifully packaged DVD that had a custom image of the couple printed on the DVD, and more images from their wedding on the jewel case. It came in a sleek metal case, and  it looked amazing. I always thought sending my clients a DVD was the best way to deliver their images. I’ve been doing that for over 10 years! Then a few months ago, I bought my oldest daughter a brand new MacBook air as a graduation gift. And guess what? There is NO DVD DRIVE!!! What?!? I realized in that moment that I haven’t even used the Superdrive in my own MacPro in over a year, and it was time to put an end to the DVD’s and to order some custom printed flash drives.

I love presents!

Custom printed Flash drives

Custom printed thumb drives? Yes please!

Custom USB Flash drives

Images include a print release form. Without this, you might run into trouble making copies!

And really, who doesn’t love M&M’s?


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