Melissa & John

Eric, When John and I were looking to hire a photographer our comment to you was that the pictures are the most important part of the wedding because it’s all you have to remember the day. We hoped that any photographer would capture the love and excitement of our day. YOU accomplished that and more. The beauty and uniqueness of each shot is unprecedented. When we look at the pictures we see exactly who we are – our personalities are evident in every picture and every emotion that we felt that day is clear. People who do not even know John and I or our relationship can actually get to know us through your work. Every time I look at our pictures (and that’s pretty often) I try to think of a new way to thank you for the amazing work but, I can never seem to find the right words. So, the best way for me to thank you and compliment everything you did for us which, doesn’t only include the pictures but, also all the attention and prompt responses/help, is to recommend you to others. You will receive my highest recommendation to any future bride and groom or event host. John and I wish you all the best of luck and healthiest days. We hope to see you soon at a upcoming event.

 Again, thank you. Melissa and John

December 2, 2016