Liz & Ryan

Eric, Thanks for taking the most awesome wedding pictures I have seen. You really captured the essence of our wedding, which is what was most important to us. We’re so glad that our wedding pictures will always show what a fun time we had. You have a real knack for capturing the excitement and emotions that we all had that day. So far just about everyone’s favorite picture has been of me looking like I’m asking the sky why it was raining, which I think is exactly what was going through my mind! We have gotten many compliments, and even one of the groomsmen has admitted to getting a little misty eyed looking through the pictures you took of the two of us after the group shots. Many of our guests also commented that you seemed like one of the funnest party guests! And we really appreciated your help with the “DJ situation”–it was defineitly calming to know that you were there to help, and that we didn’t need to worry about the pictures.

All the best – Liz and Ryan

December 2, 2016