John & Catherine

John & Catherine

To say we are happy with Eric is such an understatement.  Seeing the pictures of our wedding when we returned from our honeymoon was probably the best welcome home gift we could have received.  I remember, almost a year ago, when I first saw Eric’s work.  Living in NYC, we had been traveling back and forth to plan our wedding, and were having a really tough time finding local photographers who had a photojournalistic style – capturing true emotion in the style of storytelling.  We had received a link to pictures of a wedding Eric had shot in the Berkshires.  I sat at my computer with tears streaming down my face, so overcome with emotion over how perfectly he captured this couple’s day.   While we certainly had to meet him in person before committing, we knew he was the right photographer for us.

Eric has the perfect combination of personality and talent.  From the moment we met Eric any fears of a “weird, intrusive, awkward” photographer went out the window – he is unbelievably cool and funny while being extremely professional.  He listened to us, what we wanted and what we didn’t want, and fully understood our vision.  We couldn’t have felt more confident working with Eric.

Eric has an energy that draws people in and I can’t express how important and rare this quality is in a photographer.  Instead of running away from the camera, our friends gravitated to Eric.  He brings out the best in everyone and the pictures show it.

And the pictures, oh, the pictures.  We can’t express how unbelievably happy and excited we are with what Eric did for us.

Thanks Eric!

Catherine & John