Jen & Eric

Eric, Jen and I would like to express our utmost appreciation for the professionalism that you have conveyed to us throughout the past year.  Your energy was absolutely phenomenal from our first meeting through the wedding day.  Our wedding day went exactly as planned and thanks to you, we have your amazing artwork to carry with us throughout the remainder of our lives.  You have also touched the lives of many of our closest friends and family through your incredible slideshow and pictures.  Your art has brought the emotions of that day into peoples homes.

We are extremely happy that we selected a person who has a unique vision and there is no question that you truly love what you do.  Your love for your work is portrayed throughout the photo’s, which will carry the memories from October 4th forward.  In the end, Jen and I feel that we not only had an excellent business experience, but have also gained a friend.

Sincerely, Jen and Eric

December 2, 2016