Heather & Ricky

Dear Eric, How can we put into words the amazing feelings we feel when we look at our wedding pictures? Here’s our attempt. There was no doubt in our minds we had to have you after seeing your amazing pictures of Heather’s sister’s wedding two years ago. We were impressed that you had over 700 pictures beautifully organized to music ready online within a few days of the wedding. Your presence, although rarely noticed during the ceremony and events of the night, is relaxing rather than stressful and you know exactly what to do for the posed pictures and take amazing candid shots. Your photos truly make us relive the experience capturing special glances, moments, feelings and scenery all without seeming like a photo but like a beautiful imprinted memory. You were willing to bushwhack and risk poison ivy to get some absolutely breathtaking shots on the bridge and even spontaneously thought to rid the area of a few unsightly weeds. Your photographs allow us to relive the fast moving amazing moments of our wedding. In our friends’ and families’ words your photos are “the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen” and some even claim that their heart stops beating upon looking at them. Thank you so much for your magic and perfection.

With Love, Ricky & Heather

December 2, 2016