Dan & Courtney

Dan & Courtney

Dear Eric, It is with the greatest of appreciation that I send this letter of thanks for joining us at our wedding. I phrase it as such quite intentionally because innumerable other guests of our wedding asked of us, “Did you hire a professional photographer or was that just a friend of yours taking the photos for you?” You fit in absolutely perfectly with our party – we and our guests found you easy to talk to, unobtrusive, and incredibly friendly and accommodating. I would cite one instance where you took a photos of friends of ours, then were happy to let them review the image on your viewfinder. I believe that most photographers would bristle at such a request, and you handled it with aplomb and courtesy.

Through this point, I have yet to even compliment you on the photographs themselves. We were looking for somebody who would capture the many special moments of the day without disrupting those same moments. In scrolling through the photos you shot (which shockingly were already posted to your website by the time we returned from our honeymoon a mere week later), we relived our wedding in all its glorious and colorful detail. The timing, angles, and colors were all masterful. You captured not only the images, but also the essence and spirit of the day.

In addition to your virtues as a photographer, I also found your flexibility in delivery to be ideal. While anybody could make use of digital originals in the same way as they could use negatives, for someone like me who will be posting them to my website, incorporating them into the wedding video that I will be producing, and sharing them with friends who would otherwise not be around to see hardcopy photos, digital files are essential. Your choice of packages was also to our liking as we were able to order exactly what we wanted without the obligation to purchase more than we desired.

As with every single one of our vendors, we believe that we couldn’t have found a better photographer for all the money in the world (and while we mention it, we found you to be one of the more reasonably priced photographers out there). Thank you so much for everything, and please feel free to share our e-mail address with anybody interested.

All the best, Dan & Courtney