Chauncey & Liz

Chauncey & Liz

Hello Eric, Liz and I received both the link to the slide show and the photos on Pictage. We are VERY happy with both; you did an amazing job.

It is so exciting for us (and I am sure that you hear this often) because we are getting to experience our wedding from a different perspective; we are able to see so many things that we had missed that day. Everyone who has seen the slide show is highly impressed. See the two separate e-mail texts below, which shows you that we are not the only people giving you good reviews. These are from our two biggest critics… our older sisters.


ERIC IS THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! He makes me want to get married again!!! Of course it helped that you looked absolutely beautiful and the happiest I HAVE ever seen you look!  Eric has the best EYE! I have only met one other photographer who’s work I love as much as Eric’s. They both have the innate ability to focus on exactly what should be focused on and make it seem even more real than when you were actually there. I just experienced your wedding an entirely new way through his lens! Most of all I am so thrilled that these are the photos you will have for the rest of your life to remember to your wedding day! I LOVE YOU!!! Hope you had a tremendous honeymoon and happy belated birthday! Please give my love to Chauncey as well.

Love, Melissa

PS Jeff was EQUALLY impressed!

Wow! I have a few things to say:

1)      Eric is amazing.

2)      Justin seems to think it is all coincidence they all turn out that good, “all he does is point and shoot the camera!” I think he was half kidding, half serious. Made me want to hit him. He also said that everyone looks like models, so that’s cool.

3)      Liz looks absolutely ravishing in every photo. Amazing. She should be a bride model! I will tell her that and I am sure you already knew.

4)      It is amazing that 700 pics intimidate some, and yet I could have looked at 700 more. HA

5)      I want to be a wedding photographer.