Caleb & Chelsea

From the very first moments of speaking with Eric on the phone I knew we were a great match! He is so kind, funny and full of life, a perfect match for our wedding celebration. You know you have picked the right wedding photographer when another photographer (who I know professionally), comments: “You got Eric Limon? He is the best of the best!” She was certainly right.

When my husband and I sat down with Eric, it was as if we were sitting down with one of our closets friends planning our wedding pictures! He immediately puts you at ease with his presence. We chose to add a photo booth to our wedding reception and that was the best decision ever! Eric and his wife created an amazing setting for our guests to be silly and share their love with us which was so important because the reception was a whirlwind. Eric had the photo booth photos posted the next day on facebook for all of our friends and family to see, tag and share.

Everyone always tells you that you’re wedding day flies by and to try to remember to be present because before you know it, the night is over. This is an understatement. Eric arrived while I was getting ready in a room full of women. For some reason, everyone’s intensity goes through the roof as the ceremony moment approaches–even if you’re calm. Eric walked into the chaotic room and started snapping pictures without saying a word. He wasn’t invasive but was ever present. His energy (although usually bright and excited) grounded me in the moments leading up to the ceremony. In fact, I owe him my sanity because when I was about to burst, he grabbed me, a glass of champagne and pulled me outside into the rain to shoot the final moments leading up to our vows. These are some of my favorite pictures.

Eric was with us every step of the way, creating brilliant shots and capturing the most intimate moments. I can not say enough about the pictures he took. You know you have a good wedding photographer when everyone, including strangers, comments “you have the best wedding photos ever!” We were married on a rainy day in the beautiful Berkshires and we truly do have the best wedding photos. From the moment Eric arrived until the moment we said good bye, he was professional, fun, and present. The quality and clarity of his pictures are unbelievable. I would, and will always, recommend that future newlyweds use Eric Limon Photography.

For future brides: Do the first look photos! Eric had suggested that we do this and I really was against it because I wanted that hollywood moment when my future husband saw me for the first time. I really wish that I had listened to Eric’s advice because in reality the “moment” is so short-for me, like twenty steps! Just like that it is fast forward until the end of the reception. I wish that we had had a more intimate first look, just the two of us, where there weren’t 200 people watching to see how we reacted. Although it seems glamorous and sweet, both my husband and I were so nervous and focused that we were hardly smiling during the walk down the aisle!  Doing first look photos also would have allowed us more time to take pictures with our wedding party and family instead of rushing after the ceremony to get to the reception. Happy Valentine’s Day!! A perfect day to send you all of this love. You are the bomb diggity whoop whoop!

Caleb & Chelsea

December 2, 2016