Holly & CalebSummer Wedding with Heirloom Fire

On a particularly beautiful day in late June, Holly, Caleb, and a crowd of their closest family and friends gathered at their family home in Tyringham for a unique and casual wedding. With the help of Jim Gop and Heirloom Fire, a wedding event production company deep in the Berkshires Hills of Western Massachusetts, the couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony made special by the unique features of their family’s estate and Jim’s unique flair for wedding planning.

On the day of the ceremony, the family had a busy morning around the barn getting ready but were lucky enough to have friends and family helping out all week long. After the family got ready with hair and makeup, they gathered on the large open field and took family portraits together before heading back down to “the rock” to hide. Meanwhile, Jim Top and Heirloom Fire gathered materials for cooking from the nearby woods.

Caleb’s sister Mila blew the conch to signify the start of the wedding procession. As “Sound and Color” by Alabama Shakes blasted across the grounds, the family walked out across the field toward the ceremony spot on top of the hill. Once they arrived, they were greeted by a warm crowd of happy guests.

Instead of the traditional wedding party, Caleb and Holly opted to have their sisters officiate the wedding ceremony itself. During the short ceremony, Caleb and Holly exchanged vows before hugging their sisters close and returning to the house to sign the official marriage certificate. Once there, the newlywed couple made a map showing how each of the guests knew one another, but what wasn’t included on the map was the connectivity between the assembled friends and family, which created a palpable energy to the whole celebration.

Dinner was served outside on the field and accompanied by an exchange of beautifully heartfelt toasts from friends and family alike. After dinner, Holly and Caleb shared their first dance to Francis and the Lights’ “Friends” before the rest of the party joined them for a night of revelry, love, and togetherness. After the sun set, friends and family gathered once again around a giant fire where smores were made and enjoyed.

As Heirloom Fire is known for its dedication to curating inspired, unique, and unforgettable events featuring fresh, local, and handcrafted foods in a farm-to-table setting, and because Holly and Caleb have friends who work at the company, there was no better option in the Berkshires to help this happy couple celebrate their special day. Known for their “Dinner Theatre” through a meal cooked directly over hardwood flame and perfectly executed service, Heirloom Fire worked closely with Holly and Caleb to help execute a truly memorable and exciting event.

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Heirloom Fire Staff

Jim with his amazing staff

heirloom fire wedding kitchen

Catering: Heirloom Fire — Jim Top — www.heirloomfire.com

DJ & Music: JTD Productions — www.jtdproductions.com

Flowers: Chrissy Custom Floral

Photographer: Eric Limon —www.maweddingphotographers.com

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