Thanks for checking out my galleries and considering me for your event. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years, and have been shooting weddings full time since 2005.

I’m based in Western Massachusetts, in the beautiful Berkshire Hills. I am available for weddings in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and the greater New England area, and I will gladly travel for destination weddings.

Berkshire Wedding Photographer


I am deeply in love with my beautiful wife

I have four amazing kids – Rowan, Nova, Zenith, & Quest

I have a freakin’ amazing job (see below)

I am a professional wedding photographer

I like to use two dollar bills and one dollar coins

I like to grow food and I want a bigger garden

I think I was a baker in a past life

I love to read and I do it often

I hate plastic bags I hate plastic bags I hate plastic bags

I always drive the speed limit, which annoys everyone

I love good bourbon. Yum!

Sometimes I home-brew beer, mead, and cider

I worked for a newspaper for years

I do not have cable TV, but I do have fast internet!

My friends threw me a surprise wedding at Burning Man  )'(

I will destroy you in a game of RISK and laugh while I do it

I'm a proud Whovian, and you should be one too!